Aug 19, 2009


i was on a journey to the listening world
the journey that I want to transform into words
words, that perhaps, I have never heard before
would you care to stop for a while?
would you mind sitting next to me?

this is a story,
not only about hearing, but also listening.

courtesy: dwi anisa anindhika, gagasmedia, 2009

i dedicate this to wonderful friends of mine: gwendolyne and all those people who never lose their hope for listening.

thanks to : san san and feby indirani (the writers, yet my adorable friends), johnwei, christian simamora (the editor), dwi anisa (the cover designer), all crews of gagasmedia, and all people who support us (ninit yunita, ita sembiring, pipo isdito, candra widanarko (kawanku), herdiana hakim (cleo), aksara sophiaan (area), goodreads indonesia (mia, harri gibran, amang, and ross).

Windy Ariestanty


  1. Waaah, interesting ini, bahasa inggris bukan?

  2. @the sabran : nope. it is in bahasa. ;) coming soon on bookstores at september 2009.